Friday, July 9, 2010

With the Help of Koby (bro in-law) I got this video together for Austin before he left. I made him cry. :)) Haha, Sweet boy. Anyway this guy has made me the happiest person in the whole world and i couldnt ask for a better boyfriend/best friend! We have been together for close to a year now and he still gives me butterflies. I know that'll never go away. He has become my best friend in the whole wide world and treats me like a princess. He left to Marine Boot camp 2 and a half months ago and He's almost home to me. Only 22 days! I cant wait! His family has invited me to go pick him up and to go to Disneyland and the Beach with them! They are such a wonderful amazing family, and have welcomed me into their family with open arms. I love them. Anywhoo Enjoy the video! :)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Monday, April 12, 2010

Its my life~ and its now or never!

Okay well, I've graduated from high school, and i moved to Flagstaff Arizona. Im going to NAU and am officially a junior and a half. My Mayjor is Elementary education and i love it. I cannot wait to be a teacher! Its going to be amazing.

So heres some pictures of my College life

Nellie Playing in the snow!


Nicole, Chanel, and Anne

Madison Shea and Annie Lou

So thats my College life in flag. Heres pictures from my life in Snowflake! :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Long time no POST!

Hello blogger followers!
I'm very sorry that it has been almost a year since i have posted anything. I have been crazy busy! But it does keep me out of trouble! :) So here is a Catch up ONCE AGAIN! :/
I will be moving to NAU in a couple of days and I honestly cant wait! I am going to be sad to leave my family but i am so excited to get out of this small town and meet new people! :) I am majoring in Elementary Education and Minoring in Music (piano). My friend and I like to say that we Major in Returned Missionary! hahaha... We want to receive a PhD! :) haha I'm excited to be a teacher. I either want to be a second grade teacher or i want to move on to Secondary Education. I haven't decided yet. We will see where life takes me! :)
~I have an apartment with 4 other girls. Two of them are Returned Missionary Girls and they are around 25. So i am excited that they know their way around the University and they can show me where to go. The one that i am actually sharing a room with is 19 and this is her first time here as well. The other one i haven't met yet.. so we will see how that goes. I'm looking around for a job so that i can have extra money up there as well...
~Anyway that's is all for now. but i will be keeping up periodically so KEEP LOOKING! :)
Tah Tah For now!
Madison Shea

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Catch up

Well get ready this year has been a emotional roller coaster so far so get ready!!!! Its intense!
A couple of days after we were let off for Christmas Break MRs. Cosper called me and told me so calmly that i was kicked out of NAVIT and maybe i could take release time. I was FREAKING OUT! i couldn't believe this. So i told my mom and dad and we went down to the School. When she saw us i know she crapped a brick because NO ONE i mean NO ONE messes with my Mom and Dad. HAha Anyway so she told us that each school had to get rid of 2 people because CNA was too full. Anyway they had to pull people out and apparently i was pulled out. ANyway it was crazy, I was sooo ANGRY. MOstly because it was my last semester and i just get kicked out. Ugh it was bad. Anyway so we went over Mrs. Numskull over there's head and went and talked to a NAVIT person at the College. So she helped us figure out that i could take classes for Education which is what i wanted to do anyway. So it worked out for me in the long run. So now i am taking a bunch of classes for becoming a Teacher and i am real excited.
Christmas was wonderful we got everything we wanted and more. It was fun to hang out with our family and just have fun.
Then there was a New Years Eve Dance that i really didn't want to go to even though i am on the dance committee and i decorated for it and everything. But Cooper wanted to go so bad because it was his first dance and so i was a good sister and i went with him. haha Meanwhile at home only Tess and Koby (And my mom, which she does every night anyway) made it to 12:00am haha.
Then we were at Church that next Sunday and we got the worst new we could have ever heard. One of my good friends brother Committed suicide on January 4, 2009. Kacie actually had dated him a while after his mission and he was such an amazing guy! He had the BIGGEST testimony of the Gospel and he was just and awesome guy. He taught himself how to play the piano, taught himself how to play the violin, he was a MAJORLY good wrestler and actually won state with a broking wrist and his big toe nail completely gone where he could barley walk. Tyrel Wayne Nichols had a mental illness which drove him to do the inevitable. He refused to take medication because he didn't think that anything was wrong with him. It was the day before my friends birthday. My Friend (Terel) was actually down in the valley hanging out with his brother(Tyrel) and his sister and a couple of friends, when Ty said that he had to go. So he left and never came back. So Terel and his friends left to come back to Snowflake. When they were in Payson Terel got the call. He went back to Snowflake and met his dad and went back to the Valley. His mom was on his way to Idaho when she got the call and they turned around and came back home. What horrible news to get no matter what you are doing. That family is very strong. All of the family members talked at the funeral and they were so amazing. I would not have been able to make it through that. Anyway when we went to the viewing i couldn't look at the body. I hate looking at them because to me its not them. The spirit is not in them anymore therefore its not them. Right when we walked in i started shaking and i put the program in front of my face and kept on walking. We talked to the family and Terel gave me a huge hug that made me not able to breathe for a while. Haha but i was totally cool with that.
Anyway Yesterday our school was put on a lock down. Apparently some girl flagged down a police officer and told him, crying, that there was someone at our school with a gun. So the police from Showlow, holbrook, and Snowflake were there blocking the streets off and not letting anyone in or out. Luckily i was in Seminary and i knew that the Lord wouldn't let anything happen to me in seminary. I was actually just waiting to get translated right then and there. HAHA JK! Anyway i had my phone so i can call and talk to anyone but most people couldn't. I was talking to my mom and she was telling me the things that she heard from the office and i was telling her all of the stuff that i was hearing and all of the stories weren't matching up. But all we could think about sitting in our classroom was Columbine and Virginia Tech. After about an hour we were sitting in our classroom and a police officer with a gun came in with a huge gun, i dont know what it was called but it was HUGE! It looked like it should have been on a halo game or something. haha As of now we have no idea what happened still. Luckily no one fired a shot and the people at the high school were released at about 5:00pm. (I snuck out the back and my mom came and picked me up.) Actually one of the teachers let me go but dont tell anyone (SHHHH). Anyway I was pretty much scared for my life!!
And as of right now in one hour Trevor Lucas will be home from his mission!!!!!!!! YAY! We might go and listen to him talk on Sunday!!! I CAN NOT wait!!!!
So that was pretty much it for the new year. Hasn't been a good one yet. Haha but I am trying to stay positive!!! haha LATER

Thursday, December 4, 2008


For Mutual we went Caroling with the Young Men and we had a BLAST! We sang our little hearts out, even though our bodies were frozen our hearts were warm! LOL. But this was my outfit... The three words my Mom said to me when i came down the stairs were "ARE YOU SURE?!?" haha She is not quite sure what to do with me!!! LOL!! What do you think?? Amazing or WHAT???





While we were in the Valley Me and Kacie (and Gracie) went and watched the Twilight Movie and it was... AMAZING!!!!! AHHHH!!! WE BOTH LOVED IT. ANd suprisingly enough Edward grew on us and we loved him!!!

HAHA need i say more?? WE HAD So MUCH FUN!!!


This thanks giving we went to Grampa and Ang's house and it was fun we all had fun!!


Jaxon Watering the Pool


Uncle Cole

Cooper Dunkin' it!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

WINTER FORMAL 2008 (Make A Wish)

This year for Winter Formal I asked Jake Jarvis. I went in a group with Lauren Bennett and her date Jake Rolley. Yeah i know 2 Jakes! It was Difficult! We would call them Jake 1 and Jake 2 haha! Anyway, the theme was Make a Wish.
here are some pictures from Winter Formal:
Me trying to put on Jake Jarvis' buttoneer

Well i couldn't do it so Dad had to step in and help

Me and Jake

Mom and Dad made us a YUMMY dinner and we couldn't even stop eating enough to take a picture! (check out me in this picture...and)

(Jake in this one) hahaha that tells you how delicious it was!!

Welp all in all it was SO MUCH FUN! I was so glad i took Jake because we had so much fun.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


After we went to ride the polar express train we went ice skating and it was super fun!!! I am....Yeah, pretty much a pro now!!! haha =)

helping jaxon
Madi, Cooper, Chandlar

me and Tess
Even Cooper Needed some help from the PRO!!! LOL!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Sorry it has taken me so long to post more I have just been very busy! But here is the way i answered my Homecoming Date back... mean i know but HEY he was mean too!!! haha =)

IF you can't read that it says Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo! Look inside the Goo to find my answer for you!!! HEHE (my answer was really little and taped and hidden good... he never found it. haha he asked my brother... "It said yes right?"!!! hahaha.

Haha awesome huh??? LOL! YES!
~ Anyway Homecoming was fun! We played some awkward games though! It was like trying to get the orange out of each others neck and we played the lifesavor game. Where you get a toothpick and try to keep the lifesavor on the toothpick without dropping it!!! CAN YOU SAY AWKWARD!!!!! haha

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Okay so i have had the best things happen to me this week....

  • First on Tuesday I had a College Algebra/ Trig Test and i only missed 3!!!!!! YAY! That is like an A! WHOO HOO!
  • Then on Wednesday for Mutual we did a Talent show and that was so fun. I didn't do anything in it but sing Happy Birthday to someone. but it was just fun to watch everyone. Afterwards me and Addie (my friend) and Johnny (my friend) and Chandlar (my brother) all played the piano and sang and just acted like our CRAZY selves. But when we ran out of everyone doing their talents everyone was like "Madison Chandlar do the Thriller DANCE!" i was like "What are you talking about i don't know anything about that dance except for the part on 13 going on 30."
  • Thursday Cooper had a football game (GO LOBOS) and they killed the other team. Good thing too because they were POOR LOSERS! Anyway that was fun.
  • Then on Friday i got ONE of the best scores on my Nutrition test in College and i was SOOOO excited. Then I had to come home and race and get in the shower for pictures in an 1hr. Anyway Pictures went good and everything even though i kept making the photographer take like 6 different pictures.... haha and the boy behind me was like COME ON!
  • (okay so i am going to make this sound like a story because it is way easier to tell it this way.)
    I walked into my 8th hour class dreading it because it is the longest hour of my life but trying to stay positive at the same time.
    "Hello, Mrs. Whipple." I said with half a smile on my face as i dig through my back pack to find my Ipod.

    "Hello, how are you today Madison?" She said half interested in me. I was actually surprised she remembered my name.
    "Fine." I mumbled flipping through my list of songs trying to find one that would fit my mood. I finally found one and started getting my online class book out to start working on it because it makes the time go by
    so much faster.
    About a 1/2 hour later the phone rings ring...ring.

    "Hello? Oh, Hello Mr. Westover," Mrs. Whipple answers "Okay, shes on her way. Thank you, bye." By this time my Ipod is paused and i am listening to who is going to get into trouble.
    (MR. Westover is the assistant Principle where he does all of the discipline. You don't get called into his office unless you are in trouble.)
    "Madison, Mr. Westover needs you in his office right away." She said not even looking to see if i was paying any attention to her or not. If the expression "crapping a brick" could really happen...That exactly what i would have been doing.
    "OOOOOOOOOOOOO" the whole class said in unison as i walked out of the class room. I open the door to the hallway and i am trying to run all of different things through my head of what i could have done wrong. Nothing at all was coming to mind. What could i have done? I am going to be busted when i get home and my mom finds out. UGh. This is NOT GOOD! I held my breath as i walk through Mr. Westover's office door.
    "Madison, do you know what happens when someone gets suspended?" He says as I take a seat in front of his desk and my mouth drops to the floor.
    "No." I said with a dry mouth.
    "Well, Madison you have 2 days unexcused absences... that means suspension."
    "What?!?" I said not believing this at all. "I haven't missed a day of school in my whole 4 years of high school." I said as he showed me the computer.
    Sure enough there was proof. What was going on? Starting to shake i looked at the dates and one date said the Thursday the 18th.
    "The 18th was the day i left to the college convention thing. So that should be school excused."
    "No, the college thing was on Friday i remember." he said dialing my the teachers number who drove us to flagstaff for the Convention. When he didn't answer Mr. Westover pulled a Referral from his box and started writing my name on it. I couldn't believe it! I was getting suspended for no REASON!
    "I am really getting suspended? Even though i know for sure that the 18th should have been school excused?!" I said almost in a yelling voice, but what did i care i was mad.
    "Well, yeah. I just tried calling Mr. Godfrey but he didn't answer but i did hear his voice just a second ago let me go see if i can find him." He gets out of his chair and walks out of the room. Shaking and furious i was trying to think of a way to explain this to my mom when i got home.
    I start to put my throbbing head on his desk, when one of my friends from Church walks in and says,"Hi Madison" in his low, deep, spine tingling voice. I look up and get so embarrassed because i didn't want him to see me in this office and think that i am bad. Ugh everything was going wrong.
    "Hey, Johnny. What are you doing in here?" I said still with a raspy voice.
    "Your not getting suspended." He said. By this time i studied what he had in his hand. Two Roses, a White rose and a Red Rose and a chocolate bar.
    "Will you go to Homecoming with me?"

    "Oh i hate you." I said half joking but yet half serious. I get up and give him a hug and around the corner walks my brother, Chandlar. I walk over to give him a light kick and down the hall i see Mr. Westover, sitting in a chair all comfortable and proud of himself.
    "I hate you too!" I yelled. He got a big smile on his face and laughed as he walked towards us.
    "I told them that there was nothing i could call you in for because you are never in trouble." Mr. Westover said still laughing and giving high fives to the little knuckleheads who set me up.
    "Ugh i am so mad at all of you." I said still shaking and a little bewildered.
    "Oh, I'm sorry but i thought it was funny." Johnny said, looking a little apologetic but still handing out high fives.
    "Well I am just glad I wasn't getting suspended for real."
    So after a little while of talking and making fun of me i went back to class and everyone in that class asked me if i just got ask to Homecoming and i had to tell them the story. Then i emailed my Mom and said
    "Ugh Mom i hate you too...." Anyway i just told her everything that happened and apparently the whole family knew about it and was all into it since Wednesday. The original plan was to have Mr. Westover call me in and tell me that my car got sideswiped but i didn't drive today! THANK GOODNESS!

    So everyone you have to help me thing of a MEAN BUT CUTE way of answering him to the dance. Actually i don't care if it is cute i just want it to be MEAN!!!!! PLEASE if you have any ideas what so ever LET ME KNOW!!!!!

    =) But don't get me wrong i am excited to go with him!!!! He is a great guy i just need to get REVENGE!!!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


These two songs are what i am learning to play right now on the piano... BOTH SO DIFFICULT to play but very beautiful!!! And yes i play just like this guy in this video. =)
L'ORAGE by Friedrich Burgmuller

Rhapsodie By Maxwell Eckstein

I coudn't get this video to work but this is the URL link to the other song that i am learning.....

Monday, September 15, 2008

For Kacie (An Update)

So i haven't really updated much and since Kacie is DYING to hear about my life (even though she lives two blocks away from me and sees me EVERYDAY!) HAHA jk!!
~Anyway so just last weekend Kacie and Koby got sealed in the temple for time and all eternity! They will be a family forever and ever. I just wanted to tell them how awesome it is that they decided to do go through. The temple's sealing power is so strong, strong enough to let you have your family again after death. the sealing power means that all covenants, vows, and promises will be kept from both sides of the veil even after the resurrection from the dead. I am just so blessed to be able to be sealed with my family and to be able to be sealed with my family in the future.
~This video is beautful and it shows pictures of our temple and tells some history.

~Also just this weekend Tatum Noel (my sugar baby) just turned 2!! She is so big and soooo cute! She is like my best friend in the whole wide world!
~ Hmmm well i think that that is all. Oh i am going to some convention thing that has a bunch of college scouts there that are going to talk about their colleges and "why i should join their college." Anyway i hope that will be fun. Oh and also this weekend i am having my Family Reunion with my Trek family! I can't wait i miss them!!!!!!
Welp BYE!!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The "neighborhood" has eyes

I am Graduating Early!! YUPIEE!! I will be done on December 19, 2008 and maybe finally i can get a job!!! haha WHOO HOO! lol
~anyway oh and guess what happened a couple days ago??? One morning i woke up and couldn't find my phone so i got my keys to go look in my car and when i was out there i saw this strange car that was just sitting in front our house. I was like okay whatever. So then i went in to my mom's room and i saw, out her window, the driver get out and the passenger get into the driver side and that car drove off. The first driver walked around the parking lot and got into this huge red truck and was driving in a circle around the parking lot at the golf course. So by now i was watching really intently! haha anyway then he parked and got out of the big truck and started going through another car. Then he got back in the Red Truck and drove away. I already had looked at the first car and memorized what it looked like and what it was called and then i memorized the Big Red One. Then i ran and got my mom and she said that she would wait for the man that owned the 2nd car that he was going through (this guy goes golfing everyday!! So we know what he looks like) and she would go over to him and ask him if he gave anyone permission to go through his car. So while i was in school she talked to him and he said that he didn't and that he car was a MESS! The glove box was wide open and things were spread everywhere. He was trying to see what else was missing but it kind of hard to remember what was in your car. ya know. Anyway they haven't caught the guy yet but the moral of the story is LOCK YOUR CAR!!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008


FuN, fUn, FuN!!

While mom and dad were doing stuff in the yard

Me, Jaxon and Tess played "Spongebob" in our
Playhouse. Hehe it was fun.
---- Getting Smushed by the door. (When Dad hit it ON PURPOSE with the lawn mower!)
Look at those buns!!>>

"She is a sunshine the only sunshine..."

HOW ADORABLE! What cutie pies! ^^^^

Monday, August 4, 2008


Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Alice would say... if you have not read the Twilight series yet you have two choices...

A) Read them ASAP
B) Die a painful death

Your choice!!

~I ride motorcycles to hear imaginary things!

Because I'd rather be cold and warm-hearted then warm and cold-hearted! And besides Jacob has fleas!

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Oh, what do you do in the summertime, when all the world is green?
Do you catch something green,

or lazily dream on the banks as the clouds go by?
Is that what you do? So do I!

Oh, what do you do in the summertime, when all the world is green?
Do you swim in a pool, to keep yourself cool,

or swing in a tree up high?

Is that what you do? So do I!

OH what do you do in the summertime when all the world is green?
Do you make a silly face or wear silly hats?

Or Give your cute dog a pat?

Is that what you do....So do I