Tuesday, September 16, 2008


These two songs are what i am learning to play right now on the piano... BOTH SO DIFFICULT to play but very beautiful!!! And yes i play just like this guy in this video. =)
L'ORAGE by Friedrich Burgmuller

Rhapsodie By Maxwell Eckstein

I coudn't get this video to work but this is the URL link to the other song that i am learning.....

2 crazy peeps admits that they read my crazy post:

Alexa said...

Wow Madison, those are some crazy songs!!! I can't wait to hear you play them!!! I'm sure they'll be great!

Train Wreck said...

Hello! "Damians friend!" I have been to your moms blog, I think? I remember her saying she saw Damian with his mowhawk! (I think it was on Arabeth Brimhalls page.) She cut his hair.Thanks for your comment. It is hard as parents to watch you kids hurt or being accused of something you didn't do. I bet your parents are the same way. You have a great page, how sweet that you have such love for your family!Good luck with your piano lesson, it is a beautiful song.