Thursday, January 15, 2009

Catch up

Well get ready this year has been a emotional roller coaster so far so get ready!!!! Its intense!
A couple of days after we were let off for Christmas Break MRs. Cosper called me and told me so calmly that i was kicked out of NAVIT and maybe i could take release time. I was FREAKING OUT! i couldn't believe this. So i told my mom and dad and we went down to the School. When she saw us i know she crapped a brick because NO ONE i mean NO ONE messes with my Mom and Dad. HAha Anyway so she told us that each school had to get rid of 2 people because CNA was too full. Anyway they had to pull people out and apparently i was pulled out. ANyway it was crazy, I was sooo ANGRY. MOstly because it was my last semester and i just get kicked out. Ugh it was bad. Anyway so we went over Mrs. Numskull over there's head and went and talked to a NAVIT person at the College. So she helped us figure out that i could take classes for Education which is what i wanted to do anyway. So it worked out for me in the long run. So now i am taking a bunch of classes for becoming a Teacher and i am real excited.
Christmas was wonderful we got everything we wanted and more. It was fun to hang out with our family and just have fun.
Then there was a New Years Eve Dance that i really didn't want to go to even though i am on the dance committee and i decorated for it and everything. But Cooper wanted to go so bad because it was his first dance and so i was a good sister and i went with him. haha Meanwhile at home only Tess and Koby (And my mom, which she does every night anyway) made it to 12:00am haha.
Then we were at Church that next Sunday and we got the worst new we could have ever heard. One of my good friends brother Committed suicide on January 4, 2009. Kacie actually had dated him a while after his mission and he was such an amazing guy! He had the BIGGEST testimony of the Gospel and he was just and awesome guy. He taught himself how to play the piano, taught himself how to play the violin, he was a MAJORLY good wrestler and actually won state with a broking wrist and his big toe nail completely gone where he could barley walk. Tyrel Wayne Nichols had a mental illness which drove him to do the inevitable. He refused to take medication because he didn't think that anything was wrong with him. It was the day before my friends birthday. My Friend (Terel) was actually down in the valley hanging out with his brother(Tyrel) and his sister and a couple of friends, when Ty said that he had to go. So he left and never came back. So Terel and his friends left to come back to Snowflake. When they were in Payson Terel got the call. He went back to Snowflake and met his dad and went back to the Valley. His mom was on his way to Idaho when she got the call and they turned around and came back home. What horrible news to get no matter what you are doing. That family is very strong. All of the family members talked at the funeral and they were so amazing. I would not have been able to make it through that. Anyway when we went to the viewing i couldn't look at the body. I hate looking at them because to me its not them. The spirit is not in them anymore therefore its not them. Right when we walked in i started shaking and i put the program in front of my face and kept on walking. We talked to the family and Terel gave me a huge hug that made me not able to breathe for a while. Haha but i was totally cool with that.
Anyway Yesterday our school was put on a lock down. Apparently some girl flagged down a police officer and told him, crying, that there was someone at our school with a gun. So the police from Showlow, holbrook, and Snowflake were there blocking the streets off and not letting anyone in or out. Luckily i was in Seminary and i knew that the Lord wouldn't let anything happen to me in seminary. I was actually just waiting to get translated right then and there. HAHA JK! Anyway i had my phone so i can call and talk to anyone but most people couldn't. I was talking to my mom and she was telling me the things that she heard from the office and i was telling her all of the stuff that i was hearing and all of the stories weren't matching up. But all we could think about sitting in our classroom was Columbine and Virginia Tech. After about an hour we were sitting in our classroom and a police officer with a gun came in with a huge gun, i dont know what it was called but it was HUGE! It looked like it should have been on a halo game or something. haha As of now we have no idea what happened still. Luckily no one fired a shot and the people at the high school were released at about 5:00pm. (I snuck out the back and my mom came and picked me up.) Actually one of the teachers let me go but dont tell anyone (SHHHH). Anyway I was pretty much scared for my life!!
And as of right now in one hour Trevor Lucas will be home from his mission!!!!!!!! YAY! We might go and listen to him talk on Sunday!!! I CAN NOT wait!!!!
So that was pretty much it for the new year. Hasn't been a good one yet. Haha but I am trying to stay positive!!! haha LATER

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