Wednesday, November 19, 2008

WINTER FORMAL 2008 (Make A Wish)

This year for Winter Formal I asked Jake Jarvis. I went in a group with Lauren Bennett and her date Jake Rolley. Yeah i know 2 Jakes! It was Difficult! We would call them Jake 1 and Jake 2 haha! Anyway, the theme was Make a Wish.
here are some pictures from Winter Formal:
Me trying to put on Jake Jarvis' buttoneer

Well i couldn't do it so Dad had to step in and help

Me and Jake

Mom and Dad made us a YUMMY dinner and we couldn't even stop eating enough to take a picture! (check out me in this picture...and)

(Jake in this one) hahaha that tells you how delicious it was!!

Welp all in all it was SO MUCH FUN! I was so glad i took Jake because we had so much fun.

1 crazy peeps admits that they read my crazy post:

Alexa said...

Yay thanks for putting the pics up!!! It looks like you had a fun time and you looked BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love your dress!!!!