Saturday, September 27, 2008


Okay so i have had the best things happen to me this week....

  • First on Tuesday I had a College Algebra/ Trig Test and i only missed 3!!!!!! YAY! That is like an A! WHOO HOO!
  • Then on Wednesday for Mutual we did a Talent show and that was so fun. I didn't do anything in it but sing Happy Birthday to someone. but it was just fun to watch everyone. Afterwards me and Addie (my friend) and Johnny (my friend) and Chandlar (my brother) all played the piano and sang and just acted like our CRAZY selves. But when we ran out of everyone doing their talents everyone was like "Madison Chandlar do the Thriller DANCE!" i was like "What are you talking about i don't know anything about that dance except for the part on 13 going on 30."
  • Thursday Cooper had a football game (GO LOBOS) and they killed the other team. Good thing too because they were POOR LOSERS! Anyway that was fun.
  • Then on Friday i got ONE of the best scores on my Nutrition test in College and i was SOOOO excited. Then I had to come home and race and get in the shower for pictures in an 1hr. Anyway Pictures went good and everything even though i kept making the photographer take like 6 different pictures.... haha and the boy behind me was like COME ON!
  • (okay so i am going to make this sound like a story because it is way easier to tell it this way.)
    I walked into my 8th hour class dreading it because it is the longest hour of my life but trying to stay positive at the same time.
    "Hello, Mrs. Whipple." I said with half a smile on my face as i dig through my back pack to find my Ipod.

    "Hello, how are you today Madison?" She said half interested in me. I was actually surprised she remembered my name.
    "Fine." I mumbled flipping through my list of songs trying to find one that would fit my mood. I finally found one and started getting my online class book out to start working on it because it makes the time go by
    so much faster.
    About a 1/2 hour later the phone rings ring...ring.

    "Hello? Oh, Hello Mr. Westover," Mrs. Whipple answers "Okay, shes on her way. Thank you, bye." By this time my Ipod is paused and i am listening to who is going to get into trouble.
    (MR. Westover is the assistant Principle where he does all of the discipline. You don't get called into his office unless you are in trouble.)
    "Madison, Mr. Westover needs you in his office right away." She said not even looking to see if i was paying any attention to her or not. If the expression "crapping a brick" could really happen...That exactly what i would have been doing.
    "OOOOOOOOOOOOO" the whole class said in unison as i walked out of the class room. I open the door to the hallway and i am trying to run all of different things through my head of what i could have done wrong. Nothing at all was coming to mind. What could i have done? I am going to be busted when i get home and my mom finds out. UGh. This is NOT GOOD! I held my breath as i walk through Mr. Westover's office door.
    "Madison, do you know what happens when someone gets suspended?" He says as I take a seat in front of his desk and my mouth drops to the floor.
    "No." I said with a dry mouth.
    "Well, Madison you have 2 days unexcused absences... that means suspension."
    "What?!?" I said not believing this at all. "I haven't missed a day of school in my whole 4 years of high school." I said as he showed me the computer.
    Sure enough there was proof. What was going on? Starting to shake i looked at the dates and one date said the Thursday the 18th.
    "The 18th was the day i left to the college convention thing. So that should be school excused."
    "No, the college thing was on Friday i remember." he said dialing my the teachers number who drove us to flagstaff for the Convention. When he didn't answer Mr. Westover pulled a Referral from his box and started writing my name on it. I couldn't believe it! I was getting suspended for no REASON!
    "I am really getting suspended? Even though i know for sure that the 18th should have been school excused?!" I said almost in a yelling voice, but what did i care i was mad.
    "Well, yeah. I just tried calling Mr. Godfrey but he didn't answer but i did hear his voice just a second ago let me go see if i can find him." He gets out of his chair and walks out of the room. Shaking and furious i was trying to think of a way to explain this to my mom when i got home.
    I start to put my throbbing head on his desk, when one of my friends from Church walks in and says,"Hi Madison" in his low, deep, spine tingling voice. I look up and get so embarrassed because i didn't want him to see me in this office and think that i am bad. Ugh everything was going wrong.
    "Hey, Johnny. What are you doing in here?" I said still with a raspy voice.
    "Your not getting suspended." He said. By this time i studied what he had in his hand. Two Roses, a White rose and a Red Rose and a chocolate bar.
    "Will you go to Homecoming with me?"

    "Oh i hate you." I said half joking but yet half serious. I get up and give him a hug and around the corner walks my brother, Chandlar. I walk over to give him a light kick and down the hall i see Mr. Westover, sitting in a chair all comfortable and proud of himself.
    "I hate you too!" I yelled. He got a big smile on his face and laughed as he walked towards us.
    "I told them that there was nothing i could call you in for because you are never in trouble." Mr. Westover said still laughing and giving high fives to the little knuckleheads who set me up.
    "Ugh i am so mad at all of you." I said still shaking and a little bewildered.
    "Oh, I'm sorry but i thought it was funny." Johnny said, looking a little apologetic but still handing out high fives.
    "Well I am just glad I wasn't getting suspended for real."
    So after a little while of talking and making fun of me i went back to class and everyone in that class asked me if i just got ask to Homecoming and i had to tell them the story. Then i emailed my Mom and said
    "Ugh Mom i hate you too...." Anyway i just told her everything that happened and apparently the whole family knew about it and was all into it since Wednesday. The original plan was to have Mr. Westover call me in and tell me that my car got sideswiped but i didn't drive today! THANK GOODNESS!

    So everyone you have to help me thing of a MEAN BUT CUTE way of answering him to the dance. Actually i don't care if it is cute i just want it to be MEAN!!!!! PLEASE if you have any ideas what so ever LET ME KNOW!!!!!

    =) But don't get me wrong i am excited to go with him!!!! He is a great guy i just need to get REVENGE!!!!!

4 crazy peeps admits that they read my crazy post:

Wendy said...

SPINE TINGLING??????? EWWW! YOu didnt tell me this post was going to be PG-13. Madison, Dad said you shouldn't say that you hate me!!! NOT NICE!~just know that it could've been much worse!!!~Im so glad you get to go to Homecoming, it'll be so fun!!~Very good post, you funny, silly girl!!

Love you,

Kacie said...

Yeah I agree with Mom! SPINE TINGLING? Gross! But your right, it is WAY LOW! And by the way everytime Im at your house, your ditching school, so Im pretty sure you have missed school throughout your 4 years silly! Im glad you get to go though! It will be fun, he is really nice.

Francie said...

that is classic!! loved it!!! think of something sooooo good to get him back! but more important...have a GREAT time at the dance

Newlyweds said...

HOW FUN!!!! you are seriously going to have a BLAST!!! oh my gosh i am so happy for you! you are going to have to post pictures of that dance and your dress so I can see. Ahhh... so cute! But I am going to have to say that is the meanest way to ask someone to homecoming! I would of toatlly freak out too. :)