Monday, September 15, 2008

For Kacie (An Update)

So i haven't really updated much and since Kacie is DYING to hear about my life (even though she lives two blocks away from me and sees me EVERYDAY!) HAHA jk!!
~Anyway so just last weekend Kacie and Koby got sealed in the temple for time and all eternity! They will be a family forever and ever. I just wanted to tell them how awesome it is that they decided to do go through. The temple's sealing power is so strong, strong enough to let you have your family again after death. the sealing power means that all covenants, vows, and promises will be kept from both sides of the veil even after the resurrection from the dead. I am just so blessed to be able to be sealed with my family and to be able to be sealed with my family in the future.
~This video is beautful and it shows pictures of our temple and tells some history.

~Also just this weekend Tatum Noel (my sugar baby) just turned 2!! She is so big and soooo cute! She is like my best friend in the whole wide world!
~ Hmmm well i think that that is all. Oh i am going to some convention thing that has a bunch of college scouts there that are going to talk about their colleges and "why i should join their college." Anyway i hope that will be fun. Oh and also this weekend i am having my Family Reunion with my Trek family! I can't wait i miss them!!!!!!
Welp BYE!!!!

2 crazy peeps admits that they read my crazy post:

Kacie said...

Much better! Although half of the update was about my family! you silly girl!

Alexa said...

Well I was thankful for the updates :-) even though I was there or have already heard about most of them haha. You forgot one updates though Madison and that was that I came to visit you the same weekend your sis got sealed!!! That is definately an important update :-D