Sunday, June 8, 2008


Well my brother and I just got back from a 3 day trek. Man was it a killer! haha I will lay out day by day what I did.

Day 1
First my parents dropped me off at the stake center and we got on our buses to be dropped off at the designated spot. When we got there we got assigned to our families and we played some get- -to-know-you games. I got in the best family ever!! I loved every one of them. My Ma and Pa was Judge Peterson and his new wife and they were so amazing. Then we built our hand carts and we loaded up and headed out. We walked.... and walked.... and walked... AND walked. We walked up hill the half of the way and when we were about half way there three men on horse back came and took all of our men away for war. So the women had to push the handcart up three LARGE hills all by ourselves. It was the hardest thing i ever had to do in my life. Not only did we have to go up the hills once, we had to go back down and help the other girls who couldn't get up on their own. So we went up SO many times. The boys just had to stand on the side of the road and watch as we struggled our hardest to get up those couple of hills and they couldn't do anything. I was talking to Matthew Reidhead and he told me that he couldn't even look at the our faces because he didn't want to see the pain that we were going to and he couldn't do anything about it. The Boys were trying everything they could to help by moving rocks out of the way and getting us water but that was all they could do. Then when we finished we sat on the side of the road and sung hymns and everyone CRIED! It was so amazing....Then we reached the top of the "mountain" and we started going down hill. This was the hardest part because people in the back were the breaks and we had to pull them back when they were going to fast or needed to stop and it was so hard. anyway we walked for about 14 hours. We walked into came at about 2:00 am. And they served us broth and it was the most NASTIEST thing in the world!! Haha plus i was way to waisted to eat anyway so i just went to sleep. But the most amazing thing to me was that the boys in the front of the cart said that they weren't pulling at all and the people in the back we weren't pushing at all, so if everyone was being drug by the cart...who was making it move?? Makes you wonder huh?
Day 2
In the morning they woke us up at 5:30 or 6:00 ish and we were all EXHAUSTED!! Then the boys packed up came in our carts and the girls made breakfast (mush YUCK!!) Then we headed out again. We walked for about 5-6 more miles and we got to a different campsite and we had activities. 1. Hair washing. (boys wash girls and girls was boys.) 2. Stick Pull. 3. Taffy Pulling.
4. Gun Shooting 5. Killing/Cooking/Eating and chicken. 6. Butter making and eating. 7. Log sawing. All of these activities were fun, but they were so spread apart so it was like we had to walk longer. LOL! Anyway after that we went back and put our beds out and ate.Then we had a dance. They taught us how to dance two dances and we had SOOOO much fun! Then we had a fireside thingy that was funny but we were all to tired to laugh so then we went to bed.
Day 3
The next morning they woke us up and we made more mush. and packed up camp. Then we played a couple of games to waste some time but then we went and had solo time in nature for 2 hours. That's where we got letters from our families and got to be "one with God" but i think we were all to Exhausted to try to be one with God. We all just took a nap after we read how much our families missed us and how much they wanted us home. And how the dishes never gets done anymore because I'm gone. LOL! Jk. Then after we had solo time we had Family Home "Evening" even though it was in the day time. When we finished family home evening we went to check on our little sister who was taking a nap (our little sister was a baby doll and we had to take care of her through this whole time, holding her and stuff) when we went and checked on her she was dead. So we had a little memorial service for her and it was pretty sad. Just the concept of the whole thing was TERRIBLE!!! i cant even begin to imagine how they must had gotten over that type of thing. (RIP: Sirrah Sacagawea Young). After that we went to a fireside and then we had testimony meeting with just our families. It was AWESOME. Then we started walking and we walked for about 5 or so more miles before we saw the most amazing sight i ever thought i would see in my life. A BUS!!!!! Man they were a sight for sore eyes!!!!! Haha well then we got on the bus and headed back to the Stake Center to GO HOME!!!! AH i couldn't wait! haha
I am so glad to be home. Those poor pioneers, i don't know how they did it for longer than three days. I could hardly do it for that long!!! Anyone who has the opportunity to go on the trek needs too because it was the best thing i have done in my life so far!! I LOVED IT!!!! Well i am glad to be home and ALIVE!!!
Buh Bye
Madison Shea

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